What is $FERN?

$FERN is the native token that can be used to grow EggSaurus. You can get it for free by owning EggSaurus NFT. Every day, 30$FERN accumulates in the NFT, and the NFT owner can withdraw it whenever he or she wants. Also, since $FERN is ERC20, it can be bought and sold at Uniswap and other places like other natvie tokens. The emission of $FERN lasts for 10 years from the issuance of the NFT.

What can $FERN be used for?

1. Get EggSaurus items

The EggSaurus has nothing in its hand when it is minted. 100 $FERN can be used to give the EggSaurus a random item.

2. Get EggSaurus collars

EggSaurus do not wear a collar when they are minted. You can use 300 $FERN to get a collar for him.

3. Remove the virus from the EggSaurus' body

The number of viruses in the EggSaurus' body increases one by one every day. When the number of viruses in the body exceeds 60, the EggSaurus will die. By using $60 $FERN, you can remove the virus from the EggSaurus' body. The number of days the EggSaurus has been alive is displayed, so you may be able to increase the value of the EggSaurus by letting him live longer than other EggSaurus. Also, if the EggSaurus dies, its items and collar will be reset. To avoid resetting the items and collars you've acquired, it's a good idea to remove the virus from the EggSaurus' body on a regular basis.

4. Revive a dead EggSaurus

When the virus accumulates to 60, the EggSaurus will die, but you can bring it back to life by spending 1000 $FERN. However, be aware that the items and collar will be reset when he dies.

5. Give eternal life to the EggSaurus

If the EggSaurus lives for 3000 days, a special vaccine will become available. This vaccine will prevent viruses from being produced in the body of the EggSaurus, and the EggSaurus will have eternal life. You will also need $FERN to get this special vaccine.

6. Buy and Sell

You can get $FERN for free every day just by having EggSaurus NFT, and you can buy and sell $FERN at Uniswap. If you don't need any items or collars and just want some quick cash, you can sell your $FERN, while those who are looking for rarer items can buy $FERN and give items and collars to EggSaurus again and again.