What is EggSaurus?

EggSaurus is a collection of 3,333 NFT virtual pets on the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT represents one-of-a-kind digital image of a EggSaurus. Each day, the NFT holders can claim accumulated $FERN that can be used for taking care of your EggSaurus.

What is fully on chain NFT?

EggSaurus is fully-on-chain NFT, which means all data including digital images are stored on the Ethereum network. The digital images of EggSaurus cannot be moved somewhere or stored on third-party servers. This makes it not possible to have the NFT token altered in any way or damaged on the blockchain. In other words even if our entire team disappears, your data will not be lost, and it will be stored on chain forever. Your EggSaurus will never go extinct and they will have eternal life on the Ethereum network.

NFT holders get $FERN everyday

On a daily basis NFT holder of EggSaurus can claim 30 $FERN that is accumulated by each EggSaurus each day. You can use $FERN to get items for your EggSaurus. It can also be used to kill the virus and revive a dead EggSaurus. You can also sell $FERN to other people on Uniswap. This model is similar with Hashmasks.

EggSaurus is Virtual Pet NFT

EggSaurus is not just a digital image. She is your one and only virtual pet. If you fail to kill the virus, it will eventually die. The age of EggSaurus is disclosed in public so that people can see how old your EggSaurus is. If your EggSaurus lives up to 3000 days, it will have eternal life. It will live forever, even after your death. Your son/daughter will continue to take care of her. It will be passed from generation to generation.


What is so special about EggSaurus?

1. EggSaurus is fully on chain.
2. NFT holders get $FERN (ERC20) each day.
3. EggSaurus is the one and only virtual pet.
4. We will do new NFT giveaways to NFT holder of EggSaurus regularly.

When will it go on sale?

Pre Sale is on December 18th 11PM UTC. Public Sale is on December 18th 11:59PM UTC. The further details will be announced accordingly on Twitter and Discord.

How much does it cost to mint EggSaurus NFT?

Presale is 0.05ETH. Public sale is 0.06ETH

Will the NFT disappear if EggSaurus dies?

No. NFT will continue to exist. You can also revive your EggSaurus using $FERN.

Can I claim $FERN while my EggSaurus is dead?

Yes, you can claim $FERN even while the status of your EggSaurus is dead.

How long can I claim $FERN?

For 10 years since NFTs are minted.

How can I save my EggSaurus from dying?

Every day, the number of viruses in the EggSaurus' body increases by one. When the number of viruses reaches 60, the EggSaurus will die, but by eating the $FERN, the virus will disappear.

Where can I ask questions about EggSaurus?

Please feel free to ask any questions on Discord. We are also welcome to get feedback! We are more than happy to receive feedback from you. We believe that our community for EggSaurus will make this project and our service better.


25% | Open community for NFT holders

We will open community for EggSaurus NFT holders. Another giveaways will be held on the community.

50% | $5,000 ETH giveaways

We will do $5,000 ETH giveaways to NFT holders who participate in our community activity.

75% | EggSaurus zoo in Decentraland.

We will buy the land NFT of Decentraland and open EggSaurus zoo.

100% | 2nd generation NFTs giveaway

We will make 2nd generation of EggSaurus NFT. We will do 2nd generation NFTs giveaway to NFT holder.
We also do other NFT giveaways to NFT holder regularly like CoolCats.